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AutoSign™ brand-names and logos are trade-marks of The GraFX Group.

Our use of Trade-marks 

AutoSign™ produces trade-marked products for clients and customers who are legally authorized to use those trade-marks. AutoSign™ will use due diligence to restrict the sale of and access to trade-marked materials to the owners of trade-marks and their legally authorized dealers or agents.

Use of password protected areas of this website constitutes acknowledgement that the user is legally authorized by the owner of the trade-mark to use its trade-marks. Further, the user requests that AutoSign™ provide access to trade-marked point of purchase materials and permission to view examples of trade-marked products available from AutoSign™ intended for use within the scope of that authorization.

AutoSign™ endeavors to comply with brand standards to the best of our ability and according to the latest information supplied to us by our clients.


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